You have an unread message from Corona

Hello potential host!

Reading this won't kill/infect you. But if one of those religious gurus (the ones who asked you to avoid me via turmeric and ginger) says so, please shut them up on their face and I shall not even touch you!

575,444 confirmed cases.
26,654 deaths.

That's the update from WHO regarding me.

But do these numbers really define me?

Enough has been said about me. Enough has been written about me. Enough has been blamed upon
me. Now, it’s my turn.

First of all, stop calling me a deadly virus. That sounds like quite a reductionist tag. But what else can
be expected out of you as a human, who is habitual of jumping to the conclusions from the maximum
possible altitude!

Just look around and tell me what wrong did I do!

Look at those streets that you messed up every day. Open your windows and breathe that fresh air, which is available 24/7 now. Hear those melodious birds chirping all around. Experience that silence for which you used to scale the mountains.

But you are stupid enough to blame me for all of these.

For god-sake, don’t you put your foolish argument about the streets full of migrants and daily-wage workers. I have no role to play at all. All I just did was to expose, as I’m a mirror, you see. I exposed the government and its economic policy that has only got jobs concentrated in a few cities. If villages had good opportunities as well, those crowded streets would have been empty.

Anyways, public demand was never the jobs, but Ramayana!

Spreading infection isn't my only responsibility. Instead, I was responsible for much crucial stuff.
It took a virus like me to set the priorities right. I had to infect 100s of people initially. Unfortunately, some of them had to lose their lives. Then finally, your Prime Minister shows up at 8 pm National Matinee and says that healthcare is the biggest priority of his government in the upcoming months.
Masterstroke, isn't it?

Healthcare should have been the biggest priority from the day you elected the PM. But hey, I enjoyed your Facebook DPs cheering the government for those statues & temples.

Of all your arrogance & stupidity, my favourite one is your love and concern for the economy. What would the economy look-like post corona? What measures should be taken to boost the economy when everything is back to normal? This really amuses me. No one looks bothered about the healthcare-revamp, traffic regulation or even climate change.

Let me tell you for a fact that I’ve got a few friends in the natural disaster family. Tsunami is keen on meeting you guys. Floods are coming to see you soon. Hurricanes and tornadoes are already missing you. Once anyone from this mighty family meets you, your money would turn useless. Markets would be destroyed. People would run to save their lives and not mutual funds!

You always rely on positivity, isn’t it? That’s what your authors, your government and those self-proclaimed gods sell to you.

Go to a book store and positivity books are everywhere. Read that newspaper and there’s a section called ‘Only Positive News’. Tune in to the radio and your PM asks you to stay positive. Open your Facebook home and there’s a bearded self-proclaimed intellectual who sells positivity to you.

Positivity was supposed to be one of your characteristics. But today, positivity is a drug, and you’re an addict. It's a drug that makes you escape reality.  You are addicted enough to ignore reality. You’ve turned a blind eye towards negativity. Your ignorance is real, and my friends from the natural disaster family can’t wait anymore to meet you and show you a glimpse of reality.

But then, the closest you’ve got to reality is watching Big Boss, isn’t it?

Anyways, I’ve said enough and I need to get back to work. Back to revealing more governments and more people. In the meantime, please note that you don’t have any more time. Start looking at reality and face the ugliness. Do not stay neutral. Centuries ago, there was a wise one amongst you who said--

The darkest places in the hell are reserved for those who stay neutral at the time of moral crisis

Huh! I’ve put up my arguments.

If you feel that you are not convinced, then come out of your house and let’s catch-up!


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  2. Outstanding...not only the analysis but also the way of presentation.


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