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You have an unread message from Corona

Hello potential host! Reading this won't kill/infect you. But if one of those religious gurus (the ones who asked you to avoid me via turmeric and ginger) says so, please shut them up on their face and I shall not even touch you! 575,444 confirmed cases. 26,654 deaths. That's the update from WHO regarding me. But do these numbers really define me? Enough has been said about me. Enough has been written about me. Enough has been blamed upon me. Now, it’s my turn. First of all, stop calling me a deadly virus. That sounds like quite a reductionist tag. But what else can be expected out of you as a human, who is habitual of jumping to the conclusions from the maximum possible altitude! Just look around and tell me what wrong did I do! Look at those streets that you messed up every day. Open your windows and breathe that fresh air, which is available 24/7 now. Hear those melodious birds chirping all around. Experience that silence for which you used to scale the