Disclaimer: This post might be a shitty read, but what else do you read!

Saturday night. 2:18 AM. I was half asleep in my dark room. The windows were shut.  Lights were off and there was absolute pin-drop silence. Infact, it was one of the most silent times of the day. There were no occasional chirpings of birds & insects. The street dogs too didn't disturb the silence.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened!

I sensed someone's presence in my room. I sensed that someone was running. Someone was running back and forth. Someone was running really fast. Someone was running so close!

Someone wasn't any ghost in my gully, but the mice in my belly.

It was back. My hunger had struck me badly. Now if you supposedly think that it was a no brainer to pull up my phone and order food online, please note that I'm temporarily divorced from Uber Eats, Zomato & Swiggy. I'm divorced because I'm done. I'm done with making a decision every day on what to order. I'm done with providing voice navigation support to the ever lost delivery guys. And, I'm done with paying a certain amount of money for a very uncertain product. An uncertain product in terms of taste, quantity and sometimes in terms of veg/non-veg preferences as well.

In fact, one of my friends still claims that I (a self-proclaimed vegetarian) have had mistakenly eaten chicken noodles. The day he discloses this to my mom, he shall be sued. And Mom, if you are reading this, please note that your son is a pure vegetarian who just loves the egg-yolk!

Let's get back to the horror scene. As soon as I heard 'someone' running, I turned the lights on and ran towards the kitchen. After a quick scan, the following were the search results--

2 packs of Maggie
1 pack of Poha

While Maggie is a popular and obvious choice, I decided to go with Poha.

You might argue that there is a strong case for Maggie as it involves less developmental efforts. However, it's Saturday night and I'm no longer concerned about sprint planning, grooming or sizing.
Poha will always be my first love and I'm ready to shell any amount of developmental efforts for the same. The only caveat is that the process won't be agile, but strictly waterfall!

To start with, I have gathered all the requirements. Jeera, veggies (excluding onions as they are unaffordable and will get cheaper after CAA/NRC gets resolved), salt, pepper, turmeric, masalas,etc. It's amazing to see such diversity in the ingredients which are peacefully united.
Something that the government failed to accomplish!

15 minutes later, the veggies looked beautifully fried & united. And now comes the hardest part. The poha in the wet form would be forced over the diversely united veggies like an authority.
Something that the government has successfully accomplished!

Poha has always had a lasting impact on me. Not just me but there's an entire city that takes immense amount of pride in being its origin. The city of Indore is lesser known for being the cleanest city but well known for its delicious & omnipresent poha. However, please note that while talking to any of your Indore-based friends about poha, do not take the risk of skipping sev as the most important add on for Poha.

5 minutes later, poha was pushed to production. To my delight, the stakeholders(mice in the belly) were satisfied with the MVP and stopped hustling. Here's a sneak-peek into the alleged delight--

As a developer, I enjoyed the process. I got to learn a new technology wherein if some amount of salt is directly added to wet poha, it results in loose coupling and subsequently, the overall architecture becomes flexible. This was another reason for rejecting Maggie. Nothing new to learn but to follow the plain, old and legacy stack. I'm sure something innovative can be done with Maggie too, but then how do I defend my bias for Poha!

As a product manager, I was happy to satisfy the developers, stakeholders and saved a lot of costs.

Meanwhile, all food apps can happily go to hell.

Lastly, I enjoyed my secular poha and slept really well.

As a reader, I hope you are interested in trying my Poha as well!


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