India : A victim of Indians

India is not a victim of CAA/NRC.
India is not a victim of the recent incidents of rape.
India is not a victim of the economic slowdown.

India is a victim of the Indians who haven't understood any of the above.

 Such proud Indians easily fall into 2 categories -
  1. Indians residing in rural/semiurban India.
  2. Indians residing in urban India.
The first category is formed by the ones who themselves suffer from limited opportunities, limited resources, limited grocery, limited food, limited education but are blessed with unlimited data. 2 GB per day keeps their conscience away. All they need is to enroll themselves in Whatsapp University and start enhancing their IQs by daily consumption of images & videos, duly prepared by various IT cells. They are looted in hospitals, they are denied their subsidies and they struggle to get the pension that they deserve. Still, a lot of them will credit the government for it has performed a surgical strike in Pakistan.

A rural Indian is blindfolded and unable to see.

However, the second category looks more dangerous.

It is you and me who fall into this category. Studying in premier institutions & working in multi-national corporates is what forms the majority of this category. We work under strict constraints of time and hence, rely on reading news in short from one and only, Inshorts. There is no point in denying that a lot of us are voracious readers and tend to be responsible citizens. But then, how come India is suffering from us! Simply because--

An urban Indian only sees but does not observe.

An urban Indian sees the Preamble of our Constitution but does not observe the words written in it.


An urban Indian sees PM's assuring tweet on Assam but does not observe that the tweet which is meant for Assam and addressed to Assam, can't even reach Assam as Assam's internet has been cut off. (Wow, that's a great tongue twister on Assam!)

An urban Indian sees & pays the right tax but does not observe how the government is making a fool out of him.

An urban Indian sees the CAA bill text but does not observe that it blatantly violates Article 14 and Article 21 of our constitution.

An urban Indian sees that protests are getting violent but does not observe that the violence is mostly happening in the BJP-ruled states.

An urban Indian sees the list of FAQs on CAA/NRC but does not observe that the list does not carry any government stamp or recognition.

An urban Indian sees that NRC is important but does not observe that the economy is a much higher priority.

An urban Indian sees Islam's conservative aspects but does not observe the conservative aspects of his own religion.

An urban Indian sees section 144 but does not observe that the section 144 has been imposed on his mind so that not more than a few ideas coexist in his brain.

An urban Indian sees that PM won the election and is doing what he promised but does not observe that Mr. Narendra Modi is not only the PM of those who voted for him. He is the PM of the country which means he is also the PM of those who did not vote for him.

Most importantly, an urban Indian reads but does not comprehend.

Let's go for a small exercise on reading comprehension and see how an urban Indian following under the above category would complete the exercise.

Statement : "If it rains, Ram will carry the umbrella."

Question : What happens if it doesn't rain at all?

Urban Indian: "Obviously Ram will not carry the umbrella. That's a no brainer and quite a stupid question".

However, the statement above only highlights what will happen if it rains. It does not throw any light on what might/might not happen if it does not rain. Hence, the statement is open for debate & discussion.

Therefore, even if an urban Indian is reading from the right sources, he will not necessarily comprehend the article or the source. We think that we have done a great service to the nation by reading and making ourselves aware citizens but we do not comprehend and we do not reason.

In the words of William Drummond,
He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool, and he who dares not is a slave.

What India needs is clearly at loggerheads with what Indians demand. India is craving for health, education, opportunities, public transport. But what most Indians demand is Ram Temple, Statue of Unity, removal of section 377and some random award for PM.

We as Indians always claim to be proud of India, but what important is to understand if India is really proud of us as Indians.

The problem with the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is the people.

At last, if you feel that I'm a supporter of Congress and this article is just to malign the BJP and PM, please note that India is your victim as well!

Get well soon!

An urban Indian who sees and observes.


  1. More power to you Brother ��

  2. Well written aspect of our country's scenario. We always keep on criticizing our government/ others. We never question our choices and reasoning.

    This will trigger a self reflection in every reader's mind.Hope these small steps taken you and us will soon or later will make our India great.

  3. Urban Public Don't Sit Back For Govt. to intervene in daily chaos, but they themselves come out with solutions and then walk hand in hand with govt. Do It Yourself 1st World country has less government and more of governance.
    Hindu Is Only religion Which is most SECULAR, Sarv Dharm Sambhava.

    Don't Stand Up For Saving Constitution, Bharat Won't Be Theocratic Nation Ever.

    Jai Hind ����


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