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India : A victim of Indians

India is not a victim of CAA/NRC. India is not a victim of the recent incidents of rape. India is not a victim of the economic slowdown. India is a victim of the Indians who haven't understood any of the above.  Such proud Indians easily fall into 2 categories - Indians residing in rural/semiurban India. Indians residing in urban India. The first category is formed by the ones who themselves suffer from limited opportunities, limited resources, limited grocery, limited food, limited education but are blessed with unlimited data. 2 GB per day keeps their conscience away. All they need is to enroll themselves in Whatsapp University and start enhancing their IQs by daily consumption of images & videos, duly prepared by various IT cells. They are looted in hospitals, they are denied their subsidies and they struggle to get the pension that they deserve. Still, a lot of them will credit the government for it has performed a surgical strike in Pakistan. A rural Indian