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The Cool-Mythology

Last Saturday, I went to Mumbai with my roomie & spent the entire night on the Marine drive. Walking along the Arabian sea, along with the sleepless mubaikars. Life seemed to be too easy & sorted. And I thought of myself as such a cool guy. The next morning, on our way back to Pune, i was thinking about my life, career & eventually got depressed. Life was again a brainstorming puzzle for me. And this question surfaced, Am I really a cool guy?  No, i'm not. And in fact, most of us are not. Do you know why? Let's figure this out!

So as a sane product of my insane imagination, i discovered the existence of a mythology, called as the COOL-MYTHOLOGY. Now this cool mythology, as the name suggests, talks about the feaures & secrets of staying cool.

But why i'm calling it a mythology? We already have enough of them like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Quran, bible, gurugranth sahib. Actually, there's a common thread amongst all of these mythologies. And that is, all of them are misinterpreted. You don't agree? Let me explain.

Take ramyana for an instance. Some kshatriyas proudly claim that Ram was able to defeat Ravanna because he had those instincts of a warrior. Because, he was a Kshatriya. Now to maintain the balance of stupidity, some brahmins state that though Ravanna was defeated, he was the most intelligent & knowledgeable human to be born on earth. And this misinterpretation concludes Ramayana as a war between Kshatriyas & Brahmins. While actually, its a war between right & wrong. Thats why we celebrate Dusherra, to rejoice the victory of right over wrong.

Another example, Quran. The perpetrators of war & terrorism have been gaining the support of several young minds by misinterpreting the sacred act of Qurbani, thus encouraging the mass killings.

I'm sorry but i didn't really get time to think on gurugranth sahib & Bible. Please believe me, im a true indian & completely secular..!

Well, on the similar grounds of misinterpretation, our cool-mythology is also heavily misinterpreted. And most of us have strongly (& wrongly) concluded that in order to stay cool, we need to regularly party (you know, party and all). And we need to put on some so called cool clothes as well.(you know, fashion & style-statement)

Talking about parties, India was always a land of parties. It started off back in 1885, with the foundation of Congress party. But since people were not so cool back then so it took almost another 100 years to start a new party called as Bhartiya Janta Party and to tag mango people as cool, we saw the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party. Politics apart, this 'partyworm' has badly stricken all of us. Bro, its your birthday, lets party! Bro you got promoted, lets party! Bro I know you are sad, come on lets party!!

Please don't misinterpret me. (As i'm not a mythology) There's nothing wrong with celebrating the special occasions or casual parties. We go out for a party during adversity, during our bad times too, which again is not the problem. The problem is with the posts that we share on the next morning, after the party.

You want glimpses?

FRIYAY night, "come on man, lets party bring it's so cool..". Saturday morning on Instagram, "life is just..pointless". Party night, "yay i'm on top of the world. Next morning, "I'm where".

Such frequent mood switchings have one strong reason behind them. And that is, the purpose of a party, is defeated. Initially, the purpose of going to a party was to relax our mind, get back to the cool state & hit back at our challenges with double the force. But now, the act of partying is very much like an opium drug that takes us away from the reality. And after the drug's impact is gone, the reality comes back to haunt us. And this is not what we call a party, this is called escapism.

So the party is over now. And we have the next & a crucial aspect of misrepresentation, our clothes.
Like the purpose of a party, the purpose of clothes is defeated too. Originally, their purpose was to cover our body & make us look a bit presentable. Now the purpose of the clothing has changed to cover our disappointment, our sadness, our failures. This is achieved by putting on certain clothes to project our coolness. Here we need to recall the great quote from George Bernarnd Shaw who once said, "Clothes do not make men, its the men who make clothes".

By the way, i'm not encouraging you to work in textiles. And there's nothing wrong in carrying your own style-statement. The wrong, infact, is in the belief that tags certain clothing styles as the stereotypes of cool. To put it in a more simpler way,

                                Rugged jeans and torn shirts,
                                may define the cool-mode.
                                But coolness is a mindset,
                                and not a dress code.

So what do we do to stay cool? What is the correct version of the Cool-Mythology?

Readers, the cool-mythology answers in a very simple and cool manner. It states that there aren't any standards of being cool. A guy dancing on a disco floor on a FRIYAY night is equally cool to the one sleeping under the blanket. Also, a man in lungi is equally cool to a man in suit.
Because coolness is a mindset, where we believe that everything is at ease. Now the challenge is to sustain this mindset for a longer time. And we don't have to deny the existence of the problems. That's escapism. As life is an endless bunch of problems. All we need to do is just embrace them with a cool mind. That will eventually take us to the solutions. So the next time you feel you're not cool anymore and you get tempted to be a yet another stereotype, remember this saint called adiraag who once said -

                        Don't be a fool
                        if you want to be cool,
                        there's one rule
                        quit trying to be cool.


  1. That's the COOL way of showing the reality!!
    Appreciate you for this MASTERPIECE!! :)


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