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TROLL : An Autobiography

Hey dear reader! Before I begin, please allow me to thank you for your continued display of stupidity & mediocrity. It has been a permanent fuel to my ability. Without your intense abuses & your strong biases, I couldn't have thought of becoming a global phenomenon. With every irrelevant tag of yours on Facebook, I become more & more relevant. With your valuable tweets & retweets about the most rubbish & pointless issues, I have attained the utmost importance. Your firm support for your opinion & extreme intolerance for others' has been quite an inspiration for me. And I'm pretty sure that together you and I will ruin this world of its demographic dividend & make it a much better hell to dwell on. At the onset, I would take the pleasure of introducing myself to you, in case you're not aware of me. Despite the fact that the world population is constantly registering its online presence and myself being an online phenomenon, there's st