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National Pocket Money

Sounds insane, right? The answer is sheer objective. Neither we aren't the ones who need it, nor we ought to understand it. For a long time, the status-quo of our lives have been revolving around some trivial aspects of the economy. Exchange rate against dollars, luring GDP numbers and annual budget announcements. That's all we generally think when it comes to the economy. Reason being our lassitude & indifference towards economic affairs. But believe it or not, there are two sole entities that control this world. POLITICIANS & ECONOMISTS. ADIRAAG has been raising the bars on the former, and right now, with your eyes skimming in the direction of the text, it unveils one of the most peculiar economic theories in an attempt to alleviate poverty. UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME. A state-sponsored scheme where the government would provide us with a fixed monthly income, irrespective of our employment status. And here we go.....!! The idea is currently under execut

Are We Losing It?

If NO, then let's get back to the world that is full of happinness, wealth, camaraderie, each of them compacted together in a package called as illusion. If YES, then let's try to figure out & address one of the most far-reaching and underrated problems of the mankind. My problem, your problem, our problem, THE FINAL PROBLEM. (don't worry, Moriarty is dead) Artificial Intelligence isn't a new, but still a buzzword for more than a decade now. With our knack & increasing dexterity, we have been able to fabricate & implement the idea of the millenia. To design computer systems that are able to perform certain tasks that require human intelligence. And, here's the catch..! By superimposing our intellectual abilities on the machines, aren't we getting superimposed by the basic traits of a naive machine? In layman terms, is it a sort of biggest exchange that the world has ever seen, where machines are becoming humans, and humans becoming machi