The Mockery of Emotions

Do you often get goosebumps? Does the chill more often run down your spine? Do you get super excited about some or the other thing coming across your way? In case the answer is YES, please do not make a victim of yourself. More or less, all of us do experience such instances when our adrenaline gets high. And why not? Afterall, emotions do form the integral attributes of the nature of homosapiens. But, here comes a word of caution. Beware! people are out there to make a mockery of your most valuable personal asset, your emotions.

The mesmerizing significance of the emotions finds its origin way back to the prehistoric and subsequent times, when people found it iron-hard to accept the fact that their motherly planet, Earth, isn't actually at the center of the universe, but revolves around an unfriendly burning creature, the Sun.Apparently, it is said that Galileo, the very discoverer of the aforesaid fact, was executed on the grounds that his opinions were blasphemous and heresy which belittled the aura of the mother Earth.

Centuries have passed, things have changed, science has earned a deep penetration into our lives, but the emotional stance remains firm. Undoubtedly we have had a great intellectual progress, but our very own intellect often gets in conflict with our emotions. And that's the neck of the problem.

Lets switch back to the modern, scientific, logical, & fastidious century, where we proudly hail.
Think of Western World, and your eyes would take you to a world of  immense development, urbanisation, scientific progress, high quality academic institutions, monuments, amazing structures and what not. Dear Sirs & Mams, may I ask you to kindly take a break from your day dreaming and come to the status-quo. Here comes the first in the lot, BREXIT.

The exit of England & Wales, from a politico-economic European Union, is well qualified to be termed as an emotional setback. There were chief economists, global financial thinkers, political strategists & prime-time experts' panels, all to oppose the mishap, and then there were English leaders
(Boris Johnson,chiefly), local campaigners and rabble rousers, who appealed to the popular passions & prejudices of the britishers, polarized a large scale movement, ultimately giving birth to one of the shocking mandates of all time. Please note, the intention is not to disrespect the autonomy of the English nation, neither to conclude that it would be a misfortune decision in the long run. The focal point is- the arguement, the logic, the merits on which the campaign stood & succeeded, which were indeed, emotional.

Second in the lot, US Presidential Election-2016.

The first phase of the voting & the subsequent estimate of the electoral votes, took everyone by surprise. Projection of Mr Trump as the next first citizen has left an astonishing impression across the globe. Yet again, the purpose is not to underestimate his much 'talked about' policies or to question his ability to administer. But, the nitty-gritty lies in the formulation of his campaign. Highly invective, polarizing, blatant promotions, brouhaha, with heavy doses of jingoism.

Next one from a non-western entity, DEMONETIZATION in INDIA.

Acclaimed as a master-stroke,shrewd,sharp & bold decision,a surgical strike on black money, demonetization officially cancelled the legal tender of currency notes, denominations worth 500 & 1000. It has delivered on certain fronts, for an instance, it did give a sudden shock to fake currencies' holders & a good number of black money hoarders. But what about the plight of the common man, which is still continuing on a large scale? The cancelled denominations formed approximately 86% of the total cash in the market, wouldn't its cancellation serve as a harsh blow to micro, small & medium industries? And what about the relatively much larger portion of the black money that rests in the form of real estate & gold? The problem here too, remains the same. Pertinent questions and arguements are less popular, that often get crushed afer their collision with the emotions.

Within an hour of the call of demonetization, we were super quick to jump at the conclusion, terming it as a master stroke. GO TO A SILENT ROOM, CLOSE ALL THE DOORS, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND ASK, can such a big decision, taken in the public discourse of 125 crore humans, be concluded as a success all of a sudden? Doesn't it deserve an analysis? Doesn't it need a debate? Well, they say, it doesn't. Because, to question it, would mean to tag yourself as a traitor, anti-national & a supporter of black money. Be patient, be focussed, try to identify the glitch, and you'll stop at one word-EMOTION. With utmost respect to our Prime Minister, the idea is not to claim demonetization a failure, but the merits, the arguements that support it. Talk to any staunch supporter, and you will be on the receiving end of the country-love, patriotism,hatred for the black money, sympathies for the PM for his valuable tears (ofcourse, who cares when a vegetable vendor or a farmer cries), and thats all.

Emotion is just a mere instrument. Real culprit is 'e-motion', that is, the fast forward motion of the opinions over the internet. It makes us to love, cry, hate, support , oppose the stuff, without giving even a thought about it. It is devoiding us of our biggest asset, the ability to question, to reason, to critically form an opinion. And remember, people are there, tracking & monitoring the flow of emotions, who would ultimately make a mockery of our valuable emotions, by laying down the traps of nationalism, jingoism and hatred. Lets not fall to these traps. Let's be equanimous, maintain our cool, keep our sang-froid and ask pertinent questions. As Einstein put it, "Knowledge lies in knowing the facts, Intelligence lies in asking the right questions".

Lastly,for the spur that it has created,Demonetization calls for De-emotionalization.Where we obviously don't get devoid of emotions, but do shield them, thus preventing their mockery.


  1. "Emotions r our valuable Asset".. rightly said..
    Very well written Aditya.

  2. Well articulated thoughts, thesaurus on par with a BBC columnist, great start (now that was the feeling as a reader)
    (The critique part )The blog provides a very specific set of
    examples all relating to sociopolitical affairs ,but "emotions" as they say do not just stop there,
    they are deeper then the oceans of the world , moreover picking up the new breed of politicians
    that the world is dealing with, modi in India ,Putin in Russia and Trump in the US .
    its been defined as a deadly combination for neo pseudo liberal...
    idea of nationalism is prevailing over the globalized world which i believe is here to stay for the next 2 decades
    somewhere down the line the blog became an opinion of personal beliefs whether it was about demonetization or Brexit and things ,
    which was kind of deriving emotions(a little less here and a little more there would do wonders)
    anyhow as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:- "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
    Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."
    which works for both "the so called nationalists' as well as the self defined seculars .

    I understand politics is what keeps you supplied with adrenaline at all times,
    but a bit deeper perspective about the world and the things in it
    would make u more mature in writing about these kind of facts and matters
    (particularly i liked the example of Galileo, try to dig more of these kinds)
    overall a very good article to read ,Its a Thumbs up ,keep thinking keep writing.


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