COMEDY: The 6th Sense

'SERIOUS', 'SENSIBLE', 'SINCERE'. Thinking of these 3 words, what exactly do you get in your mind? Ofcourse, its not a yet another Prime Minister's policy named as 3S..! But something usual, and boring. You might be getting a glimpse of a silent guy, busy with his books, or some professional scene, where everybody is involved deep into his/her works, or a scene of your family dining, where you're all alone, fighting your case, infront of an ethical jury panel. Even in your weirdest imagination, you won't get anywhere near to a scene of people laughing and making fun. Those 3 words have nothing to do with comedy & merry-making. But haven't you heard of the famous Peter Ustinov quote? It says, "COMEDY IS A FUNNY WAY OF GETTING SERIOUS".

Lets check out the relevance of the above quote. When someone asks you whether you are subscribed to AIB or TVF, you never reply in a digital sense.(in Yes or No, which you should, as we are a digital country now) Instead you fire your own question, asking whether they have uploaded a new video. Ever analysed, the way these TVF/AIB guys mock some serious society concerns and the political scenario of our country, including Demonetisation, Harassment, Dowry and many more to count. Dont they make us laugh out loud? They do, with an incentive of some general awareness about the prevailing hot trends in the country. Even if you belong to that self proclaimed group of 'Not Interested in Politics', you are very likely to admit that you are now more aware of the political issues . Simply because, you never miss their videos, and they never miss the seriousness..! 

Our senses play a crucial role in  manipulating such serious-comedy stuff. Imagine yourself reading about the latest AIB video or getting to know about it from your friends.. First, you 'SMELLED' it, then you browse & 'SEE' it, you 'LISTEN' to it, you find a 'TASTE' in it, finally you 'FEEL' the feel in it. Therefore, you have used all your 5 senses in watching the video, and here you are, meeting your extrasensory perception, that amuses you, relaxes you, & brings a smile to your face. Your very own hidden sensing dimension, your 6th sense, COMEDY.

As we belong to a well educated & scientific age, its ironic how we surround ourselves with our own set of beliefs, prejudices & dogmas. Every other day, either we silently witness or sometimes, get involved in a heated debate on political fronts. Beyond the facts, the logics and the reasoning which we possess, we end up displaying a soft corner for that one favourite party or favourite leader of ours. And the moment we face any opposing idea, we are hurt and offended. You certainly cannot witness a cool, logical and pertinent debate between BJP, CONGRESS ,AAP or any other political front. Now see what the comedy does..!

Its worth watching how these funny youtubers have mocked some illogical arguements that were about to gain deep foot in the public domain. For an instance, the 'Free-Subsidy' & 'blame-game' of Arvind Kejriwal, some laughable hindi dialogues of Rahul Gandhi and the 'Soldier-Soldier' logic, fabricated by PM Modi. All these serious stuff of serious leaders involved in a serious affair have been presented to the audience in a comic way. And their even serious supporters, have started to atleast give a momentary laugh, and think about the nonsense being cultivated by his/her favourite leader.

You must have read about the ongoing parliamentary disruptions. Both the Loksabha & Rajyasabha are badly stuck in the logjam. As per the data published by PRS legislative, these adjournments have caused a loss of about 25 crores..!! Can comedy play the role of remedy here??

HAASYASABHA, imagine it to be the 3rd house of our Parliament. Where leaders across all the parties would only exchange jokes. Everytime the serious sessions get disturbed, they would hold a special session of Haasyasabha, mock each other a bit, have some fun, and then come back to the serious proceedings. Also, these 'haasya-sessions' would be broadcasted on TV, on web, so that their respective supporters also take a chill-pill and be happy to know that the opposing leader is not a DRACULA, but simply a human with different views. Ofcourse this idea of a comedy-sabha in Parliament is completely insane, but what else do you expect the Members of Parliament to be, other than insane??

In our world that is full of anxiety and hatred for the opposing faction, Comedy creates some space for reason. Yes, it broadens our perspectives, and allows us to put ourselves in others' shoes, unlike our anger. When the purpose is to laugh & have fun, we can afford to take a chance by mocking our own favourites, our own beliefs,our own dogmas. The popularity of this form of serious comedy, is a manifestation of its dire need and calls for protecting our endangered 6th sense..! 

So the next time when you hear/read a nonsense going around you, use your 6th sense, watch some funny videos, have a chat amongst your friends, where you can laugh at each other prejudices & dogmas, ultimately crushing that nonsense, instead of spreading it like anything. Read, think, relax and LET YOUR HUMOUR, DEFEAT THE RUMOUR.


  1. Some parts unique and good...just be more subtle...dont hide what you really want to say...good luck for the next one

  2. Good sarcastic view on Indian politics. Thanking you for making me more serious & sensible towards the amusement that our politics possesses.


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