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"My dear, there isn't any therapy for your current state of mind, which is heavily charged with stress, chaos & confusion. But one. There's one & only one guaranteed remedy that I can vouch for. Talk to yourself. Hear your voice. Be your friend. Or to sum up in your terms, DATE YOURSELF!"
His counsellor left after giving him his last advice.

Its been an year, and he still finds himself worried & lost in his sufferings and ill-thoughts.
Will he go with the counsellor's suggestion?
Will he talk to himself?

Dec 24th, 2016. 11:30 PM

Given the exotic and fanciful sort of a person he was, his creativity couldn't find any escape even in his stressed times. He crafted an idea of talking to his own selfies. So he collected all his selfies and create a slideshow of them, and there he was, sitting in his room, quiet, infront of his laptop, which was about to play the slideshow of all his self-portraits. His own memories. Yes, he was ready to talk to himself! In form of his selfies!! Ready to get the answers!!!

Showtime! 1st selfie in the lot, that got 500+ likes on Facebook, and his 1st line to his selfie, to himself---

"Liar! You are a sheer, shameful liar. You've lied to the world that I am happy. Can't you see my face?Do I look delighted? I don't smile like you, I'm not joyful like you. When I was getting disliked by my friends, my girlfriend, my family, my teachers, you were busy in getting likes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. And give me a break! You might have got 500+ likes, but I can't even think of 5 people whom I can connect with at this moment. And if you can't see my inner-self, then how come you are qualified to be called as a selfie? Can you see my sorrows, failures, heartbreak? Ofcourse not, as I am made up of feelings, you of those bloody stupid PIXELS"!!

Slideshow continued, selfies were changing with a slow pace, and he was shooting with all his frustrations, at a tremendous pace.

"I envy you. When I share you & see you on different devices, irrespective of their different screen resolutions, you don't change. You don't lose your smile. You remain more or less, the same always and on every single screen. You are compatible with most of the devices, but why I am not compatible with most of the people? Why I often get disliked, that too by most of them? Why can't I remain stable, smiling like you in different situations? I can't!

"I capture you with utmost care. Different angles, light saturation, shutter-speed, aspect ratio, focus and what not! I hardly leave any stone unturned in making you a perfect shot. In case you've got bad surroundings, I crop you and isolate you from everything unimportant. Can't you do the same with me? Can't you crop me out of my insane surroundings, isolating me from the disturbance, hate & sinister environment? I use filters to beautify you, to make you look charming. Why can't you use the similar filters, that would remove all my sorrows, griefs & make me a happy jolly guy?"

Then there was, a selfie that had him & her in it. She no longer talks to him. They both have been officially separated by an unofficial process, Break-up.

"You are teasing me, aren't you? Do you feel the suffering of the separation? How would you, a petty stuff of binary digits..!! Why didn't you come in the first place and inform me about the invalidity of this match? She was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me. But our families invaded our love.
"When I was capturing you with her, you could have denied to be captured with a flash message on the screen saying--"THE PERSON WITH WHOM YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE A SELFIE ISN'T YOUR PERFECT SELFIE MATCH. PLEASE TRY WITH SOME ANOTHER FACE.
Thus, you could have easily helped me in finding my perfect match, but why the hell would you help me, you self-centered, digital-cum-narcissistic moron!!"

The slideshow was approaching its end, and the last in the queue was the most disconcerting one. It had him, with the joining kit of a top MNC.

"Since my childhood, I have always let them down, but they never complained. Instead their helping & blessing hands were always ready for my happiness, for my aid, for my rescue! Finally I had a genuine chance to return them with my payback. I promised them to get placed in a top MNC this year. With all my might, I somehow achieved the feat and captured you at the very moment. But before I could send you to them, I received my nemesis, my bane. They were on a trip to a waterfall nearby & were attempting to shoot a creature like you, near the edge of a waterfall. Their legs slipped, but that selfie got clicked. It made sure that it doesn't get distorted. Congratulations, your look-alike is all fine. And my parents are no more. Years ago, when I didn't had you, I had them. Today I have you, and not them. Was that the price of yours? If yes, I would ask everyone to remain unemployed on this planet!! They created me, but I couldn't give any payback. I created you, and you must be thankful as you still have a chance to give me a payback. Now what the hell are you doing right here infront of me? What in the world are you trying to prove? 'DELETE' would be a graceful degradation of yours. Just stop smiling, get yourself corrupted, get destroyed, get broken & dispersed into your pixels, disperse them to every corner of the universe, so they never get to meet, so that I never get to smile."


Slideshow had ended, his tears hadn't. Once again the screen got black, spreading the same darkness into his life, where he could seek no salvation, no redemption. All he could listen to was his own cry, all he could feel were the droplets of his own sufferings. The counsellor's advice didn't work. And the 'date' was over. The concept of self-talking sounded utterly stupid and insane to him. 

The counsellor wasn't wrong.

12:00AM, 25 Dec

Like any another young nerd, he too had set a christmas reminder in his laptop. The screen flickered back to life, with an old selfie of his. But that was not all. There was a quote, thanks to the automatic sync from the Internet. It wasn't just a quote, but a reply, an answer from his very own selfie. After listening to his plight, there it was, his selfie, or in better words, he himself, with a life-changing advice, which he would cherish for the rest of his life.Those were a few lines, but had similar nature as of an art, which though stays simple, carries deep meaning. They were complete, they were self-evident, which would now become a patent for his happiness, for his soul. His inner-self has given him the answer.

"I am not what happened to you
I am what you choose me to become.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
You are me & I am you
Remember I'm your BAE!!" 


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