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"My dear, there isn't any therapy for your current state of mind, which is heavily charged with stress, chaos & confusion. But one. There's one & only one guaranteed remedy that I can vouch for. Talk to yourself. Hear your voice. Be your friend. Or to sum up in your terms, DATE YOURSELF!" His counsellor left after giving him his last advice. Its been an year, and he still finds himself worried & lost in his sufferings and ill-thoughts. Will he go with the counsellor's suggestion? Will he talk to himself? Dec 24th, 2016. 11:30 PM Given the exotic and fanciful sort of a person he was, his creativity couldn't find any escape even in his stressed times. He crafted an idea of talking to his own selfies. So he collected all his selfies and create a slideshow of them, and there he was, sitting in his room, quiet, infront of his laptop, which was about to play the slideshow of all his self-portraits. His own memories. Yes, he was ready to talk to

COMEDY: The 6th Sense

'SERIOUS', 'SENSIBLE', 'SINCERE'. Thinking of these 3 words, what exactly do you get in your mind? Ofcourse, its not a yet another Prime Minister's policy named as 3S..! But something usual, and boring. You might be getting a glimpse of a silent guy, busy with his books, or some professional scene, where everybody is involved deep into his/her works, or a scene of your family dining, where you're all alone, fighting your case, infront of an ethical jury panel. Even in your weirdest imagination, you won't get anywhere near to a scene of people laughing and making fun. Those 3 words have nothing to do with comedy & merry-making. But haven't you heard of the famous Peter Ustinov quote? It says, "COMEDY IS A FUNNY WAY OF GETTING SERIOUS". Lets check out the relevance of the above quote. When someone asks you whether you are subscribed to AIB or TVF, you never reply in a digital sense.(in Yes or No, which you should, as we are a dig

The Mockery of Emotions

Do you often get goosebumps? Does the chill more often run down your spine? Do you get super excited about some or the other thing coming across your way? In case the answer is YES, please do not make a victim of yourself. More or less, all of us do experience such instances when our adrenaline gets high. And why not? Afterall, emotions do form the integral attributes of the nature of homosapiens. But, here comes a word of caution. Beware! people are out there to make a mockery of your most valuable personal asset, your emotions. The mesmerizing significance of the emotions finds its origin way back to the prehistoric and subsequent times, when people found it iron-hard to accept the fact that their motherly planet, Earth, isn't actually at the center of the universe, but revolves around an unfriendly burning creature, the Sun.Apparently, it is said that Galileo, the very discoverer of the aforesaid fact, was executed on the grounds that his opinions were blasphemous and heres