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Mad In India

Not that the letter 'e' is missing in the first word of the masthead, but has been omitted with utmost care.  Care, the emotion which has well nigh lost its significance, the emotion which is on the verge of possessing a hypothetical existence, the emotion which we not even care about to type in full syllables (gn,sd,TC!) and the emotion which, on an account of its rapid fading, spearheads the campaign of another emotion, Madness.

Owing to its continuing expansion across the periphery of societies, states & the country, madness has gained a sheer attribution of a national emotion. We, the people, belonging to different religion, race, caste, creed & sex are well versed with a fine amount of madness, in fine respects. For an instance, treating cricket as religion, treating religion as gospel, treating gospel as actually, a 'gospel' & so on. The extent of madness is so deeply rooted that none of the spheres of our lives have been left untouched by it. Be it our opinion-framing, our decision-making, our kitchen baking, & last but certainly not the least, our own making. There hardly remains any biological, philosophical, economical or anthropoligical aspect, where madness has left any single stone, unturned.

On critically analyzing its behavioural aspects, one cannot refute a fascinating discovery in regards of our national emotion. For both its cause & effect, madness is blessed with a single responsible feature, Social Media. An efficient and reliable medium which produces, reproduces, crowdfunds, & trolls every instance of madness. Given the varying verbal atrocities they support, today Facebook & Twitter have become an excellent alternative for mental asylums. Virtual world welcomes every introvert creature & promises a bazooka to enhance his reaction rate, and not his thinking rate.

The separate grounds for response & reaction seem to share a common pitch now, under mesmerizing supervision of social media. We read what we like to, we tweet what we love to, we post what we ought not to, and we share what we aim not to. Here the words 'like' & 'love' must not be mistaken as one's area of interest, but shall be deciphered as one's protected area of views, opinions, biases and prejudices. Any unit of information that cannot be accommodated in this area is subjected to heavy criticism, disregard and utmost rejection. Similarly, any other unit of information that, albeit insane or outrageous, which seems to be fit in this personally protected area, receives a warm welcome.

With respect to the popular political divide in the country, what social network today has is not a few billion of users, but mere two souls, one is a jingoistic member of the RIGHT and the other self proclaimed proud member of the LEFT. Not to be ignored is the other class of those who claim to be at the CENTER, who perform in the best possible way to keep the hypocrisy flag, high forever.  For they are the torch bearers of the most sensible & plausible public opinion and design, without practicing even an inch of it.

Amidst a large crowd & clamour of these social souls, what lies is a handful of others who try not to follow the flow. They are sagacious, prudent & pertinent in their viewpoints. Bus as they say, a rotten fish pollutes the entire pond.  Plus, here the count is just opposite. Those who choose not to follow the flow are either made to follow one, or simply thrown out of the flow by a distinct mechanism, Trolling.

India doesn't enjoy the luxury of being the sole victim, rather it forms an integral part of a large victimized world. What draws the line between the two cases, is a positive side to madness, which the occidental world actually possesses. Social revolutions, coupled with scientific & technological epics, are another side to madness that is a common sight in the western soil. Every biography & autobiography of a worldly pioneer includes a rife of madness instincts.

The silver-lining for us is that the positive madness isn't a 'once in a blue moon sight' anymore in India. Credits to the advent of 21st century and globalization. Also, much thanks to some of the laudable steps taken by the NDA government, specifically NITI AAYOG, and not to forget its charismatic chairperson, PM Shri Narendra Modi. He has not cut the corners on the nation's development and improving global perception of India, though his diplomatic style seems to have created more noise, than the effect. His continued jet-lagging for the country is exceptional. It would be even more kind of him, if he takes the necessary steps in curbing the unwanted side of the madness, given some of the most invective handles which he himself follows on Twitter.

The bottom-line highlights the value of madness, which hasn't been synthesized as a result of lack of care, but the one which is nurtured with great care. Madness has the potential to shape our emotions totally in our favour, and not against us, only if we introspect and unfollow the social media flow. Else, democracy without sanity, would be nothing short of a tyranny.


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