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Mad In India

Not that the letter 'e' is missing in the first word of the masthead, but has been omitted with utmost care.  Care, the emotion which has well nigh lost its significance, the emotion which is on the verge of possessing a hypothetical existence, the emotion which we not even care about to type in full syllables (gn,sd,TC!) and the emotion which, on an account of its rapid fading, spearheads the campaign of another emotion, Madness. Owing to its continuing expansion across the periphery of societies, states & the country, madness has gained a sheer attribution of a national emotion. We, the people, belonging to different religion, race, caste, creed & sex are well versed with a fine amount of madness, in fine respects. For an instance, treating cricket as religion, treating religion as gospel, treating gospel as actually, a 'gospel' & so on. The extent of madness is so deeply rooted that none of the spheres of our lives have been left untouched by it. Be it