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FoE or FOE

Since its advent in the constitution, Freedom of Speech (FoE, as we like to call it) has been a witness to a plethora of polemical issues, thus tagging itself as the most 'talked-about' fundamental right. Given our intrinsic talkative habit, we continue to exercise FoE in the best possible (not plausible) manner. But what if our best national-cum-fundamental friend, FoE, starts turning into a FOE? Dearth of prudence is where the hitch lies. Impertinent choice of words, comments involving and encouraging gender-disparity, rough & rogue tones are some of the trepidating claims to the right to freedom of speech & expression. Of all these, ornamental abuses seem to top the charts. If we keep an hawk eye on the sporadic claiming to FoE, the invective adjectives seem to spearhead the campaign. The bar keeps on going high. But the caveat here is our limited domain of exercising FoE. We remain confined with our favourite abuses in our favourite areas. Friends'