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Indian Premier/Paani League

In the backdrop of the ongoing water crisis, specifically in rural Maharashtra, Premier & Paani seem to be conflated into a new polemical and debatable issue. Prima facie, the hyperbolic advent of the 9th edition of the IPL is in deep contrast with the current drought-hit state. Nevertheless, we have been a country of contrasts, where sombreness and cheerfulness reside concomitantly, in every aspect of the mankind and its development. To hardly anyone's surprise, a recent ruling by the Bombay High Court clearly orders shifting of the 13 matches outside the state, that are scheduled post 30 April. Also, the 2 judge bench questioned the attitude of the state government, which allegedly turned a blind eye to the acute water crisis. Here arise few pertinent questions. Had the state not been informed about the 'would-be' shortage of the blue? If yes, then had it taken any cognisance of the anticipated situation of the drought? Well to answer these tough ones, Mr Yog