An Otiose Debate On Nationalism

67 years after the independence, and this is where we are badly stuck. 67 years have passed, and we are extremely busy classifying the entire population as nationals & anti-nationals. 67 years have passed, and we are busy with the flamboyance of our national sentiments. 67 years have passed, and we still are unable to distinguish between nationalism and chauvinism.And 67 more years may pass, if we don't refrain ourselves from this rhetoric.

 A frenzy horde, with the tri-colour in their hands, shouting pro-nationalistic slogans, together constitutes what is said claimed to be the brand new form of patriotism. Forget about the constitution, they simply judge people's nationalism by loudness of the slogans in favour of India. And if we don't pass their test on patriotism, they teach us with some simple lessons. A few popular among them are- ideological domination, ornamental abuse and beating the so called anti-nationals to the pulp. By & large, we have an unofficial(or soon to be official) certification committee, that mongers about the motherland throughout the country, and issue certificates of what they call nationalism.

On an account of extant conscience and rare equanimity, what comes as the bottom line for the entire prevailing issue is that- do we really need this debate? If yes, then why it has to be a debate at all, & if no, then what could be some relevant debatable issues? As for a 'nation', the concept has its origin in Europe where a nation is defined as a geographical area that houses people of similar identities and culture as well. While India has its specialty in housing people of different identities and across diverse cultures. So in terms of political science, India is indeed, a nation of many nations. This calls for the priority of the term 'patriotism' over 'nationalism'.

So, the nitty gritty of the entire problem is our 'emotionally-driven' opinions. When some politician jingoistically talks about the motherland, we usually start getting goosebumps. But when Raghuram Rajan calls for following the road-map to achieve the fiscal deficit, we hardly form any opinion of it. When our respected cabinet ministers give ultra-nationalistic speeches, we get an urge to salute and admire them. But when Moody lowers India's international ratings, we dont give a damn about it!

Where are we heading to? What output do we expect of such pointless debates? Who is going to debate on GST? Who is going to form opinions on the implications of the repo rate regulation? Who is going to discuss the environmental effects of Sri Sri Ravishankar's upcoming program on the floodpalins of Yamuna? And who is going to question the implementation of various fancy schemes of the government? It should be us, unfortunately, nobody wishes to..!

Albeit our dislike for intellectual issues and brain storming analysis, we are ironically the citizens who are scientifically regarded as the population with the maximum IQ, along with the Israelis.
So the need of the hour is- ENERGY CONSERVATION.  Yes, you read it right, as we need to conserve our energy by doing away with such issues of patriotism and to be more specific, jingoism.
And utilise the same in having a good read, referring to pertinent anecdotes, building up a sound analysis, and then coming up with the best possible description. And not to miss, pursuing up of our inherent sagacity to choose whether we really need to put our brain into certain issues or not.

All these measures are to be taken for our sake, which will ultimately lead to India's sake.
Because, its not a nation who makes its people, but its actually the people who make a Nation.


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