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An Otiose Debate On Nationalism

67 years after the independence, and this is where we are badly stuck. 67 years have passed, and we are extremely busy classifying the entire population as nationals & anti-nationals. 67 years have passed, and we are busy with the flamboyance of our national sentiments. 67 years have passed, and we still are unable to distinguish between nationalism and chauvinism.And 67 more years may pass, if we don't refrain ourselves from this rhetoric.  A frenzy horde, with the tri-colour in their hands, shouting pro-nationalistic slogans, together constitutes what is said claimed to be the brand new form of patriotism. Forget about the constitution, they simply judge people's nationalism by loudness of the slogans in favour of India. And if we don't pass their test on patriotism, they teach us with some simple lessons. A few popular among them are- ideological domination, ornamental abuse and beating the so called anti-nationals to the pulp. By & large, we have an unofficia