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AAP- The Political Sensation

DOB-   NOVEMBER 26, 2012   This date hardly held any significance until the declaration of the DELHI VIDHANSABHA POLLS, when AAP came out with flying colours. With a total of 28 seats out of 70, it designated itself as the 2nd party,standing behind the BJP majority. Not only this,but also the results became significant, on an account of huge victory of the AAP supremo, Mr. ARVIND KEJRIWAL over Mrs. SHEILA DIXIT from the New Delhi consistuency.  Luckily or unluckily, the state was deprived of any single political majority which ultimately gave rise to a controversy over the crownship of the state. To everyone's surprise, AAP conducted a people's survey,popularly known as JANMAT, inorder to decide whether to form a political alliance with congress or not.  And the outcomes marked the formation of the alliance, crowning a man as the CM, whose age was only 1,politically.   In its short time span, the government has fullfilled many of its promises that  were announced in the