A DM to our PM

Dear Prime Minister,

I sincerely hope that you had your mango today.
I have been following your recent interviews for quite some time & couldn’t stop myself from writing this letter. All of your recent interviews were absolutely honest, candid & confident in the true sense of the word.
Being an engineer (with a real degree) by profession, I too have given a few interviews as a part of recruitment. If I were to establish a quantitative comparison, I have probably appeared for as many interviews as you have after you became the PM. Please note, I have been modest in excluding the interviews that were chaired by my respective relatives.
But you have beaten me on the quality of interviews, sir. While I was being questioned on algorithms, database design & guesstimates, you faced the horrible wrath of daily routine, hobbies and your mango eating habits. While I did not really leave a good impression in my interviews, you simply hit the nail on the head. In no time, the nation went…

A tale of a tail

As big as a rope, as small as a pore. As hard as a stick, as soft as a chick. As straight as a tower, as round as a flower. As furry as a broom, as bald as a mushroom!
The diversity of their tales is as underrated as that of the religions.
But, unity exists in the diversity (and not in the statue). 
The rope, the pore. The stick, the chick. The tower, the flower. The broom, the mushroom. All these tails were united by a tale. A tale that the dogs can’t read. A tale that the dogs want us to read!
LARA is a one such tale. It doesn’t need ‘BRIAN’ in its preface or ‘DUTTA’ in its acknowledgements. Though, she is as playful as the former & as beautiful as the latter.
Lara entered my life into a box. It was a shoe-box. Within the span of a year, she would easily kick that box out of her way. Such was the pace of her growth. To your wonder, she doesn’t belong to the Labrador family which is popular for its rapid growth. Instead, Lara was a cross. In fact, she was a holy cross that I wou…

ABCD is not enough!

"Come on beta, drink your milk, otherwise the doggy would come." "Baby, it’s time to sleep & if you don't, doggy would come." "Don't cry, otherwise the doggy will come!!"
Such were our first life tutorials. Probably all of us subscribed to them & learnt to eat, sleep & drink.
As a kid, I was extremely scared of dogs. I was so scared that all my actions were inhibited by this dog-phobia. With even the slightest indication of a dog nearby, I could sense the chill that ran down my spine. This wasn’t because the dogs were intimidating. Instead, the tutorials were. If you wish to anticipate the extent of my fear of dogs, think about your confidence to say/write (or even, think) against the unity. I mean, Statue of Unity.
One fine morning, my fear was ready to take a toll on me. Sharma uncle from the neighbourhood visited our home & my papa called me up to show off that his 3-year-old has learnt the ABCD. So the examiner in Sharma uncle was …

The Cool-Mythology

Last Saturday, I went to Mumbai with my roomie & spent the entire night on the Marine drive. Walking along the Arabian sea, along with the sleepless mubaikars. Life seemed to be too easy & sorted. And I thought of myself as such a cool guy. The next morning, on our way back to Pune, i was thinking about my life, career & eventually got depressed. Life was again a brainstorming puzzle for me. And this question surfaced, Am I really a cool guy?  No, i'm not. And in fact, most of us are not. Do you know why? Let's figure this out!

So as a sane product of my insane imagination, i discovered the existence of a mythology, called as the COOL-MYTHOLOGY. Now this cool mythology, as the name suggests, talks about the feaures & secrets of staying cool.

But why i'm calling it a mythology? We already have enough of them like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Quran, bible, gurugranth sahib. Actually, there's a common thread amongst all of these mythologies. And that is, all of …

2017 : The Unplugged Treat

It's not always on a mutual-funds manual that you get to read a disclaimer. Sometimes, you get to read one on a blog too.



All the characters & events mentioned in this blog-post are absolutely real, with their existence confirmed to the best of the media's ability. In case of any doubts & suspicions, kindly blame yourself for reading / ignoring the news. You're expected to enjoy the humour & come up with constructive criticism. However, your outright attempts to link the content with your own biases & subsequent belittling of the author is more than welcome. 


2017, What a fantastic year it has been!

Neither in terms of any harmony restored in Syria, nor in terms of mammoth development in India.
Neither in …

TROLL : An Autobiography

Hey dear reader!

Before I begin, please allow me to thank you for your continued display of stupidity & mediocrity. It has been a permanent fuel to my ability. Without your intense abuses & your strong biases, I couldn't have thought of becoming a global phenomenon. With every irrelevant tag of yours on Facebook, I become more & more relevant. With your valuable tweets & retweets about the most rubbish & pointless issues, I have attained the utmost importance. Your firm support for your opinion & extreme intolerance for others' has been quite an inspiration for me. And I'm pretty sure that together you and I will ruin this world of its demographic dividend & make it a much better hell to dwell on.

At the onset, I would take the pleasure of introducing myself to you, in case you're not aware of me. Despite the fact that the world population is constantly registering its online presence and myself being an online phenomenon, there's still…

The Show must go on.

Between a dusk
and a dawn

There was a time
when you were born.

They called it Life
which was a THEATRE

The Show must go on.

You faced the world,
and fought many battles.
some were lost,
some were won.

And the message was clear,
with a very loud horn

The Show must go on.

You developed a range,
and your roles did change.

At times, you were a king.
At times, you were a pawn.

All you learnt
The Show must go on.

Peace kissed your attitude,
when you admired solitude.
Far from the disco,
you preferred a lawn,
alone you sat and
enjoyed your popcorn.

And you realised
The Show must go on.

Your role is short,
but the stage is hot.
Make your mistakes,
and give your shot.
Learn from your failures,
but you dare not mourn.

So wake up from your bed,
and get your dreams drawn.

One day, you'll be dead,
one day, you'll be gone.

No matter what,


 The Show must go on.